BidgetBudget planning and forecasting

The Responsibility Center Management budget model raises accountability and transparency for the University’s revenue-generating and service delivery centers. This enables units to focus on long-range planning through better data, more control, and greater flexibility to prioritize resource decisions. We are implementing a phased rollout of a Hyperion planning and forecasting application to support the new budgeting, planning, and forecasting approach.

Icon to represent Financial ManagementFinancial Management

The redesigned chart of accounts is the basis for a consolidated and comprehensive, yet streamlined, financial management and reporting environment for the University. The monthly financial closing and reporting will ensure consistency in the process and quality of results. Our integrated approach will enable Rutgers to become more effective and responsive through better access to information, robust analytics, and improved internal and external reporting.

Icon to represent Human Resources and PayrollHuman Resources and Payroll

Through this initiative, we will create a more consistent employee experience by combining HR and payroll systems into a single system, aligning and redesigning business processes for increased efficiency and consistency, and ultimately, implementing a cloud-based HR/Payroll software solution which will transform how we work at Rutgers.

Icon to represent Procurement and Expense ManagementProcurement

We are creating a universitywide, client-oriented procurement and payables platform to process transactions more effectively, reduce risks, and better manage spending.

Expense Management

This project also includes transitioning from a lengthy, paper-based expense management process to a more streamlined and automated online reimbursement system.

Icon for the Student Experience Improvement Initiative Student Experience

The Student Experience Improvement Initiative (SEII) is central to realizing the goals established in the Rutgers University Strategic Plan, which are aligned with being a world class institution. SEII advances the University’s dedication to providing seamless, integrated, consistent, effective and responsive services that meet Rutgers students’ needs. The project focuses on understanding and improving student service levels, business processes, compliance risks, technology, and supporting organizational structures.

Additional Projects:

Research Administration

We are overhauling the administration of research grants to be more efficient and supportive in all phases of the grant process—from proposal submission and negotiation of grant-related agreements to award setup, compliance, and reporting. This includes grant submissions, corporate contracts, institutional review boards, post-award management, and effort reporting. Additionally, in an effort to streamline operations, increase accountability for research administration, and provide enhanced access to research data for all stakeholders, Rutgers implemented RAPSS, a new electronic research administration, and grant submission system.