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Cornerstone News | April 2024

Cornerstone is a multi-year strategic initiative to modernize, unify, and simplify our finance, human resources and payroll, procurement, student information, and expense management systems and processes. This newsletter provides updates on the projects within the Cornerstone portfolio.



Configuration-Design Confirmation Sessions Have Begun—After nearly a year of forming teams, documenting current processes, gathering requirements, and thinking about the “big picture” now is the time to build the future with configuration-design confirmation sessions. Watch a video about the Human Resources/Payroll Transformation initiative and read more about the configuration-design sessions.



Chart of Accounts Adds “Values” (1,800 of Them!)—On February 29, the second phase of the Chart of Accounts project took a huge leap forward to improve revenue and cost reports tracking when it began adding approximately 1,800 Activity segment values to the chart. Read more about this update and how it benefits Oracle Financial Cloud users at Rutgers.



Common App Sparks Record-Setting Student Applications—The Scarlet Journey teams have more than 244,000 reasons to celebrate Rutgers joining more than 1,000 member universities on the Common App. As of March 20, 2024, the university received a record-setting 244,000 applications for academic year 2024-25. Read more about this accomplishment and other Scarlet Journey news.



The Checks are (Almost) in the Mail—For students who have been anticipating news on their financial aid because of delays in the U.S. Department of Education’s financial aid process, the wait is coming to an end. Rutgers’ Enrollment Management unit has announced that it has received and is testing student information from the government’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms. Read more about the university’s upcoming financial aid package release.



Launch Date Extension Helps Team Add Three Features Early—Thanks to a delay in the scheduled launch date, the Travel & Expense initiative’s July 2024 release will include three single-sign-on elements originally scheduled for a later date. Read more about the new features—request forms for cash advance and pre-trip approval and a credit card management function—and watch a brief video about the travel and expense project.

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