Tracking Payments Made against Purchase Orders and Invoices

January 13, 2017

New resources are now available to assist you with tracking payments made against purchase orders and invoices since RU Marketplace launched in October.

Invoice and Payment Registers: Saved queries “401 - AP Invoice Register” and “402 - AP Payment Register” are available through the OTBI Publisher. These reports detail payments that are captured in the financial management system (Oracle).

To access OTBI:

  • Log in to the myRutgers portal
  • Sign in to the financial management system (Oracle Cloud)
  • Click the Tools tile
  • Click the Reports and Analytics tile
  • Select the arrow in front of Shared Folders to expand folder entries
  • Expand the folders to view Shared Folders – Custom – RU Saved Queries – RU Saved Queries
  • Then select “401 - AP Invoice Register” or “402 - AP Payment Register”

To filter the data, you will need to download the CSV format of the file (Export – Data – CSV Format).


RU Marketplace Invoice Summary

Invoices paid via Oracle can be tracked through the “Invoice Summary” tab in RU Marketplace.

  • Query the purchase order number
  • Click the Invoice tab
  • Under “Invoicing Summary,” view invoices that have been processed
  • Click the invoice number link to see the invoice detail, including the check number


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