Training Resources

Ongoing training (classroom, Skype virtual instructor led and online video tutorials) includes both required and recommended courses. To access some of the new systems, you will need to complete the required courses that have been assigned to you. We urge you to take the recommended courses to help you get the greatest benefit of the new Cornerstone systems.

Three steps you should take now to start training:

1. Browse the list of required and recommended courses.

Financial Management
Human Resources and Payroll
Expense Management

2. Review the role-to-course listing for each system.

Talk with your manager or your unit's business manager if you have questions about your role in the systems.

Financial Management and Expense Management
Human Resources and Payroll
Procurement (RU Marketplace)

3. Access online training and support materials.

Access web-based training and support materials on Canvas (login with your NetID and password)