Setting the Parameter (POV) Preview for FRS Reports

The Point of View (POV) preview option is a useful way of previewing your default parameters prior to entering the report.  You can also set the parameters here too.

Here are the steps to turn on this functionality:

  1. Click Financial Reporting Center
    Setting the Parameter, FRS
  2. Once the Financial Reporting Center opens, click the tasks icon

    Setting the Parameters, FRS

  3. Click the link to Open Workspace for Financial Reports

    Setting the Parameter, POV, FRS

  4. Once the Workspace for Financial Reports opens, select File->Preferences
    Setting the Parameter, POV, FRS
  5. Click Financial Reporting Icon
    Setting the Parameter, POV, FRS
  6. Select Preview On and Click ok
    Setting the Parameter, POV, FRS


With the preview option enabled, when you open an FRS report you will get a POV preview window to select all of your parameters.  This is especially helpful when running the P&L reports that display Month, YTD and Full Year sections so you can ensure that the desired Accounting Period parameter resides within the fiscal year – for these reports you are prompted to enter the first month of the desired fiscal year (ex. JUL-17).