RU Marketplace Invoice Automation Launch

University Procurement Services is pleased to announce the launch of a RU Marketplace functionality that will streamline invoice processing, and decrease the time between receipt of the invoice by Accounts Payable (AP) and when it is viewable to schools and units in RU Marketplace. 

There are two key steps in paying invoices: validation and processing. Invoice validation occurs after an invoice has been received and includes capturing three key pieces of information: supplier invoice date, supplier invoice number, and associated purchase order number. Invoice processing consists of entering complete invoice details into RU Marketplace, including item information, quantities, price, etc.

What’s New
Effective today, you can view invoices that have been validated and are awaiting processing. This preview of “in process” invoices means you do not need to wait until AP completes both the validation and processing steps.

Since “in process” invoices have not been fully processed by AP staff, invoice totals reflected in RU Marketplace will not match what has been provided by the supplier. This timing issue will primarily impact schools or units that utilize blanket orders.

The attached job aide provides additional information about how to view validated invoices and determine if AP staff have fully processed the invoice. 

If you have any questions about this new functionality, please contact the University Procurement Services help desk at or (848) 932-4375.