Revenue and Cost Reports and Queries (Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Projects)

February 22, 2017

We recently removed Report #031 (Sponsored Project Summary – Budget, Actual, Encumbrances & Balances) from BI Publisher because it was providing inaccurate balance information for sponsored and non-sponsored projects. We are fixing Report #031, which will be modified to run for sponsored projects only. We also are developing a separate Report, #060, for non-sponsored project reporting. We will send an update when Reports #031 and #060 are available.

Alternate Reports/Queries for Report 31

  • While we fix Report #031 and develop Report #060, you may run RU Saved Query #202 (Sponsored Projects Summary) and #301 (Non-Sponsored Project Summary) to view revenue, cost and net balance by month for your projects. You may also run Report #015 (Project to Date Natural Account Summary Report) to view revenue and expenditures.
  • To run an OTBI analysis in the RU Saved Query folder, you will need to perform a one-time default currency change in your account settings to show dollar amount data. Please read the instructions on how to set the currency default to “Ledger Currency.”

Detailed Project Expenditures (Costs) and Commitments in Projects

  • You can view detailed project expenditures (costs) and commitments in the Projects module for both sponsored and non-sponsored projects. Please read the instructions on how to locate this information.

The revenue inquiry role is being tested. The team expects to roll out this functionality in mid-March. We will send an update when this role is available.

If you have questions, please contact the Financial Management Help Desk at (848) 445-2100 or