RAIN Update: Costs Transfers in the ECI System

May 15, 2017

We have been experiencing an extraordinary transition at Rutgers over the last 8 months with the implementation of the new Financial Management System. The implementation has created delays  to our internal business processes, particularly in the administration of Grants & Contracts.  Volume, complexity and system issues have resulted in a backlog of salary cost transfers, and we have determined despite additional staff and training, the current process of resolving this backlog within GCA is inadequate for audit, effort reporting and F&A purposes.

To ensure that University departments can timely post compensation adjustments to the appropriate projects, and based on your feedback, the following temporary changes will apply until Fiscal 2017 year-end has been closed:

  • Removal of the 90-day restriction in Commitment Accounting to allow departments to independently complete their cost transfers. This will go into effect in the system on May 15, 2017. Once FY 17 has been closed (late July 2017), the 90-day system controls in Commitment Accounting will be restored.
  • The cost transfer Justification fields are included online for compliance purposes and GCA will perform post transactional compliance audits on cost transfers completed by the departments in Commitment Accounting in Fall 2017.
    • Units will complete all justification fields as required
  • All previously submitted Cost Transfers will be processed by GCA unless the Departments informs GCA that it should be cancelled.  Should the unit chose to complete their cost transfers this may allow for faster posting of those actions.
  • GCA will continue to receive cost transfers via email for the transfers that cannot be completed by the Units and we will continue to process these.
    • This population involves (i) primarily hourly employees when a combo-code was initially used on the timesheet, and (ii) projects that have expired and salary expenses cannot be posted.
    • Please follow instructions on proper completion and submission of the Cost Transfer form. Also refer to the SWRJ Cost Transfer Q&A Summary at: http://postaward.rutgers.edu/cost-transfers

We will continue to explore future IT solutions to improve the cost transfer business process and workflow issues.

Thank you for your patience and due diligence.

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