UPDATED: Process and Action Needed for Purchase Orders, Invoices and Suppliers

We are continuing to manually enter and manage issues with purchase orders, invoices and supplier records that were converted incorrectly or not converted at all. Below is an overview of the PO conversion process and actions you may need to take to correct issues with POs, invoices and supplier records.




  • Some pending invoices have not been paid due to errors in the PO or supplier information, or due to a backlog of invoices that are being entered manually. This has delayed the timing to pay those invoices.

    If you need to request an emergency payment for a supplier, please follow the instructions posted here.


Supplier records for international vendors have not yet converted.  University Procurement Services is working with SciQuest and Oracle to complete the conversion of these types of suppliers.

Action Needed: If you have questions about international suppliers, please contact your unit’s business manager to coordinate outreach to University Procurement Services.