Procurement Services Launches Vendor Hotline

January 25, 2017

To further support our efforts to expedite payments to vendors for past due invoices, we are opening a dedicated vendor hotline. This hotline integrates staff and operational expertise from Purchasing and Accounts Payable. Dedicated resources will ensure timely and accurate resolution of the vendor payment issues we are managing.

If you are contacted by a vendor regarding past due invoices, please advise the vendor to call (848) 445-8400, or send an email to All requests will receive a response within two business days.

As the team receives calls and emails, they will request the following information from the vendor:

  • A statement of all invoices that are due, which includes the following information:
    • Invoice Number
    • Invoice Date
    • Invoice Amount
    • Purchase Order Number

NOTE: Procurement will provide the vendor with an Excel template

  • PDF copies of the invoices that are past due.


Based on the information provided, the team will determine if the submitted invoices are paid (processed and scheduled for payment), in process, or if this is a new inquiry about a past due invoice.

Upon confirmation of payment, Procurement will send an email notification to the vendor and the department.

If you have questions regarding the vendor hotline, contact Procurement Services at