Finance Data Analytics and Reporting Project


Following the conclusion of the Cornerstone Reporting Optimization (CRO) project, we initiated a new Finance Data Analytics and Reporting implementation phase. During this phase, we will create an integrated data warehouse that unifies data from all financial systems, establishing a Tableau reporting environment for self-service analytics and management reporting.

Evolution of Reporting and Analytics

What This Means for You


Data Warehouse

Provides a single source of integrated, validated, and timely finance data used for reporting. This will reduce or eliminate non-value added tasks (i.e. manually cleanse, map, integrate, validate, and reconcile data across multiple reports/systems).


Tableau Enterprise Server

Delivers a single finance reporting platform containing integrated data from multiple source systems. A 360-degree view of financial and administrative information will help you manage your business, gain insights, and enable informed decisions for improved outcomes.


Managed Reporting

Offers a set of standardized views that meet the needs for all users across the university. Standardized views for an intuitive, easy to navigate interface designed for you to access valuable and useful information for rapid analysis.


Self-Service Analytics

Brings a standardized tool to enable ad-hoc reporting and analysis, and allow experienced analysts to create customized views to analyze data tailored to your unique business needs.


Finance Data Analytics and Reporting Team

Functional, data analytics and finance reporting experts that will support you with the on-going development, enhancements, maintenance, governance, security, and administration of the finance analytics and reporting environment.


Status of Reported Issues


FMS Employee Status

Reported Issue- FMS Employee Status runs full out before parameters are entered.

The report defaults to displaying all of the Employee Status data when opening the report. The report should only return data after teh user enters all required parameters. 


Reported Date-1/29/2019.

Status: Open.


FMS Payroll Distribution Report (PD)- Financial Managegent By Fund source FY by GL Posting Date 

Reported Issue- Error running FMS PD report. It takes a long time and generates an error at the end. 

Report performance is intermittently slow and sometimes returns a time-out error after 15 minutes 


Reported Date- 1/30/2019

Status- Open 

FD Payroll Distribution Report 

Reported Issue- FMS Tableau FMS Payroll Distribution Report not showing type 4 or 5 employees compared to Discoverer

Pending user UAT JIRA DAR-34

Reported Date-4/23/2019.

Status: Open.


FD Payroll Distribution Report (PD)/ By Fund Source- FY

Reported Issue- FY 2017 is not coming up as a filter value for GL Post FY column.

Reported Date- 1/30/2019

Status- Open 

FMS Employee Status Report

Reported Issue- F When running Tableau for salary distribution, we noticed major differences to what we had with Discoverer Viewer that would throw off reporting. FTE and $ amount differences highlighted below.

Finance DART in final testing phase in Tableau


Reported Date-4/03/2019.

Status: Open.


FMS Employee Status Report

Reported Issue- FTE issue in current Tableau Employee Status 

Pending additional information from user


Reported Date- 2/19/2019

Status- Open

FD Payroll Distribution Report

Reported Issue- Tableau data mismatch compared to Discoverer

Pending user validation and feedback


Reported Date/3/18/2019.

Status: Open.


FMS Payroll Distribution Report (PD) Financial Management/ By Fund Source FY by GL Posting Date 

Reported Issue- Change single select parameters to Multiple Select

Reported Date- 2/14/2019

Status- Open

Webinar Schedule for Tableau Discoverer Finance Reports December 2018 (12/4/18)
Introducing the Finance Data Analytics and Reporting Team (11/17/18)