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Our new expense management system is best-in-class, streamlined, and supported by consistent universitywide policies. The system is integrated with the general ledger, project accounting, grant contract accounting, and accounts payable. This makes submissions, approvals, reporting, and reimbursements more efficient and timely.

To access the system,

  1. Log in to the myRutgers portal
  2. Click the Cornerstone tab
  3. Open the Expense Management app under the Finance section

What This Means for You

  • Elimination of a lengthy, complex, paper-based process in favor of a streamlined and automated online system
  • Increased transparency of the end-to-end process for requestors and approvers
  • User-friendly mobile application to support on-the-go expense documentation (coming in 2017)
  • Adoption of universitywide spend policies for employees and faculty
    • Expense reimbursements for students and approved third-parties will continue to be processed via check request in the RU Marketplace system
  • Expense approvals managed by a single point-of-contact
  • Paperless and automated audit control process
  • Efficient, seamless integration of expenses with account payables, project, and payments modules, resulting in electronic submission, reporting, and reimbursement for requests 

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