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Our Responsibility Center Management (RCM) budgeting methodology increases transparency, ownership, and accountability of financial resources universitywide. RCM enables units that generate revenue and those that provide services to revenue-generating units to prioritize decision-making based on controlled resources and long-term, strategic planning.

We are phasing in the redesigned Hyperion planning and forecasting application to enable better analysis and reporting on budget and forecasting data.

What This Means for You

  • Ownership and accountability of financial resources at the responsibility center level
  • Clear line of sight into the total cost of programs, including direct expenses and indirect overhead costs for support services
  • Improvement in the University‚Äôs capacity to generate revenue and reward innovation and efficiency
  • More rigorous evaluation and delivery of services that are consistent with costs charged to responsibility centers

Launch Timeline

  • March 2016: Responsibility centers began using the Hyperion planning tool
  • January 2016: Hyperion Forecasting rolled out
  • Fiscal Year 2016: Implementation of the Responsibility Center Management budgeting model
  • October 2015: Costs centers began using the Hyperion planning tool

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