Internal Purchase Order Processes, Finance Reports and Revenue Inquiry Role

March 10, 2017

Dear Rutgers Colleague,

As a follow-up to the February 14 email, additional guidance on internal purchase order (IPO) processes are outlined below.


Internal Purchase Order (IPO) Purchases Not Converted to RU Marketplace
RU Marketplace is not configured to accept internal purchase order (IPO) purchases from RIAS and Banner. If your unit has an open IPO purchase, you will need to either:

  • Process a journal entry to account for the IPO purchase (debit the receiving department, and credit the issuing department)
  • Have the receiving department open a new IPO that your department will invoice


Becoming an Internal Purchase Order (IPO) Supplier
In order to become an IPO supplier you need to do the following:

  • Complete the IPO Supplier Set-up Form (instructions are on the form)
  • Submit the form to Procurement (contact information is on the form)
  • Anyone in your department who will approve or invoice IPOs, will need to complete the SciQuest Access Request form and ask for IPO Processer Access

Resource: JOB AID - Creating an IPO-based Invoice


Staff Who Have Been Assigned the “RU Project Costs Transaction” Role
As a reminder, all IPO credit accounting strings that are mapped to Projects have been recorded to the general ledger, not Projects. As we work on a solution for this, it is required that you journalize the general ledger transaction to Projects using the ‘Create Nonlabor Expenditure Batch’ transaction. Located in Project>Costs –Expenditure Batch Actions>Create Nonlabor Expenditure batch journal. Please refer to the February 14 email and job aid for the general ledger-to-Projects cost transactions role for more information.


Finance Reports
Report #015 (Project to Date Natural Account Summary Report) does not include Natural Account data. Use RU Saved Query #202  to pull the Natural Account data from the financial management system. This will enable you to create a more complete accounting of revenue and expenditures for sponsored projects. We are continuing to work on Reports #031 (for Sponsored projects only) is available in production and #060 (for Non-sponsored projects) we are continuing to update and will send an update when it is available.

You may continue to run RU Saved Query #202 (Projects Summary for both Sponsored and Non Sponsored Projects , #203 (Projects Costs Summary), #204 (Project Costs Details) and #205 (Project Revenue Details)  to view revenue, cost and net balance by month for your projects.

The modified version of Report #031 (for Sponsored projects only) is now in production in BI Publisher. We are in final testing with Report #060 (for Non-Sponsored projects). We will send an update when this report is available.


Revenue Inquiry Role
We have successfully tested the revenue inquiry role and this functionality is in production. Please refer to the job aid for more information.


If you have questions about becoming an IPO supplier (access, set up, etc.), please contact Janet Green at

If you have questions about accounting, please contact the Controller’s office at



Office of the University Controller
University Procurement Services