How to Run Accounts Payable Invoice and Payment Register Reports

Saved queries “401 - AP Invoice Register” and “402 - AP Payment Register” are available through the OTBI Publisher. These reports detail payments that are captured in the financial management system (Oracle).

To access OTBI:

  • Log in to the myRutgers portal
  • Sign in to the financial management system (Oracle Cloud)
  • Click the Tools tile
  • Click the Reports and Analytics tile
  • Select the arrow in front of Shared Folders to expand folder entries
  • Expand the folders to view Shared Folders – Custom – RU Saved Queries – RU Saved Queries
  • Then select “401 - AP Invoice Register” or “402 - AP Payment Register”

To filter the data, you will need to download the CSV format of the file (Export – Data – CSV Format).