Financial Management System Reporting Updates

April 25, 2017

New Reports

The “RU GL Report 072 (GL Transactions Summary Report),” which is similar to the RIAS Source Summary (SS) report, has been added to the Financial Reporting Center. This reports displays transaction totals at a summary level for a fiscal period, by natural account. The balances are detailed by revenues and expenses with beginning and ending balances. Report fields include: actuals, budget and encumbrance for year-to-date, and full year. View a screen shot of the report and the navigation path. As a reminder, all RU GL reports details can be exported to Excel by using the view report icon on the top right of the report.

“FMS Employee Status” is a Discoverer report which displays employee actual annual salary and actual Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE), as well as other HR data by effective date. This report includes worksheets By Fund Type and Business Line, By Employee as well as an exportable worksheet without totals and group sorts. A screen shot has not been provided as the report displays salary information. Remember any parameter with an asterisk (*) is required and if you search for an employee by name, the report is case sensitive.  The first letter of the last name and/or first name is capital and the rest of the name is lowercase.

Other Reporting Changes

The RU PGM RPT-PGM-013-CERP that displays the Chart of Accounts segment listing for Projects has been moved from the PGM folder to the Global folder. Navigate to this report by selecting Tools > Reports and Analytics > Shared Folders > Custom > RU Custom > Reports > Global > RU PGM RPT PGM 013 CERP.

When using the Inquire on Detail Balances, you must click “Search” twice to display the beginning balance, period activity and ending balance. A service request has been initiated with Oracle to fix this issue.

If you have questions, please contact the Financial Management Help Desk at (848) 445-2100 or email