Finance Approver: Reporting and Corrections

November 21, 2016

Corrections have been made to the approval hierarchy for the financial management and expense management system (Oracle) to address missing Finance Approvers. Most changes were accurate, and the team is working with business managers across the university to make additional changes, if needed. After this one-time, mass cleanup is completed, future changes will be coordinated directly through the Controller’s Office.

Read the instructions on how to run the Finance Approver report. You can search the report by Unit, Division, Employee or Finance Approver to find employees in your unit and/or division.

NOTE: The UDO on this report is pulled from department default charging instructions for an employee’s primary assignment, by HR department (or Z org), in PeopleSoft. If an employee’s UDO is incorrect, then the UDO should be corrected in PeopleSoft. This correction will trigger an automated update to the HR department default in Oracle for financial management and expense management.

Changes to Project Manager

We are working on developing a similar report for the Project Manager role. In the meantime, if you need to have any immediate changes, please contact: