FAQ - Training


What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is a strategic project to transform the administrative information systems and processes for Rutgers University. It lays the groundwork to modernize, unify, and simplify our finance, human resources and payroll, procurement, and expense management systems. This includes three major elements – a redesigned chart of accounts and financial accounting environment; unifying more than 10,000 employees under one human resources and payroll umbrella; and re-engineering how we procure and pay for goods and services, and how we reimburse expenses.

Why is training important?

Cornerstone involves an overhaul of the way we work at Rutgers. Three core operational systems and supporting processes will be completely transformed and new to everyone at Rutgers who uses them. Teaching staff and faculty to be proficient in using the new applications requires a commitment to participate in training in the weeks leading up to and following the launch of the systems. Classes and learning labs will be scheduled through the end of 2016.

Online Training and Support Materials

How do I take online training?

Online training and support materials for all classes are available on Canvas (canvas.rutgers.edu), a learning management system, hosted by the Division of Continuing Studies. Web-based videos can be viewed multiple times. Access to training materials is open to faculty and staff.

I tried to access Canvas, but received an error message “Student Not Found”. What do I do?

Contact the Canvas online help desk to access Cornerstone Pathway training materials:

Provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • NetID
  • Rutgers email address
  • Courses for specific system
    • Procurement
    • Expense Management
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resources and Payroll

It takes approximately 48 hours from receipt of request for Canvas to activate your account. When you are in the system, you will receive an email from Canvas notifying you that you have access. To access your account on Canvas, log in using your NetID and password. After you log in, you will see your dashboard. This is where your online courses and resources will be located. If a course is not located under your courses tab, it may not be available yet.  

How can I print materials that are posted on Canvas?

  • To print PowerPoint and pdf files, select the “Download” link that appears on the same page as the course materials.
  • To print content from an online tutorial, pause the tutorial and select “Print Screen” from your computer or laptop. Save the screen image(s) in a Word or PowerPoint file, then print the file.

I tried to access the course on Canvas, but the materials will not open. What should I do?

Possible solutions to help you access the course materials online:

  • Refresh your browser, or close your current browser session and start a new session.
  • You may need to update the version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer. You can download the Adobe Flash Player here. If you cannot download Adobe Flash Player, please contact your local IT support.

Faculty - Learning the New Systems

Faculty may participate now in non-targeted classes for grant accounting, expense management, procurement, and self-service. By the end of October, targeted education will be available to help faculty learn the new systems and processes. These opportunities will be online, shorter, and focused on faculty-specific needs.


How do I register for instructor-led training classes?

For a schedule of classes held through August 2017, check the course registration site. After you register for a class, you will receive an email from "noreply@hr.rutgers.edu" to confirm your registration.

How do I know which training classes to take?

You should take the training classes that are appropriate for your role in the system.

How do I drop or reschedule an instructor-led class?

If you need to drop or reschedule a class, please do so at least three days prior to the class, when possible. This will help the class instructor assess the class size and determine whether or not the class should be canceled.

  • To drop a class: Access the Cornerstone course registration site, click “My Profile” in the navigation (upper right-hand corner). On the next screen, find the class you want to drop, and click “Drop.”
  • To reschedule a class: Access the Cornerstone course registration site, click “My Profile” in the navigation (upper right-hand corner). On the next screen, find the class you want to reschedule, and click “Drop.” Go to the main page of the registration site and select the rescheduled date you plan to attend.

I cannot attend training on my campus. Can I register for class on another campus?

Yes, you are welcome to register for training on a campus other than the one where you work.

What should I do if a training class is full?

There may be times when, due to space or computer limitations, a class can become full. If you are faced with this situation, you will be placed on a waiting list and if a space becomes available, we will contact you via email before the class date. If space does not become available, we encourage you to sign up for the next class session.

Please note, you are not registered for a class until you receive an automated email indicating that you are enrolled in the class.

Technical Support

If I have technical questions about Canvas, whom should I contact?

If you have technical issues with Canvas, please send an email to the Rutgers University Canvas Help Desk.