FAQ - RU Marketplace

Will preparers be able to attach supplemental documentation to the requisition in RU Marketplace?

Yes, there is a hyperlink in the site that allows documents to be uploaded.

Will the “Ship To” address be able to be changed on the Requisition?

The “Ship To” address can be defaulted by the preparer and the address can also be edited.

Once the requisition goes through the system, is there a notification that is sent to the preparer?

Whoever prepared the requisition will receive a notification via email. If the requisition was prepared for a different party, they will also receive a notification via email.

Will the preparer be able to track the status of a purchase order to see where it is at in the approval process?

Yes, there is visibility to follow the status.

Will Quick Orders be able to be tracked online?

Yes, there will be complete visibility in the system.

If the approver is out of the office (either on vacation or unplanned), can the requisition be forwarded to someone else?

Approvers have the ability to set up vacation rules when they are out of the office and assign a delegate approver.  In the case of an emergency, the program administrator can assign a delegate for approvals.