FAQ - Requisitioning

How do I create a requisition?

Requisitions are initiated by completing the appropriate form in RU Marketplace. You should complete training on how to requisition goods or services in RU Marketplace.
Training Support: P2P020 Requisitioning

How long does it take for my requisition or purchase order to be approved?

The time it takes to approve a Requisition and create the corresponding Purchase Order depends on a number of factors, including how quickly your school/unit approves the requisition, the complexity of the acquisition, and (in some cases) the responsiveness of the supplier. To determine where your requisition is in the approval process, select the PR Approvals tab on your requisition, and click View Approvers to find out the remaining workflow steps until your requisition is fully approved.

My purchase order was not created. What could be the issue?

There are a number of ways to determine if your requisition has been fully approved. One is to check the approval status within the requisition and clicking on the PR Approvals tab. Click View Approvers to find out who is responsible for approving the requisition. If the requisition has been fully approved but the PO still has not been generated, there may be an issue with the distribution of the PO to the supplier.

How do I get a copy of my Purchase Order?

Execute a document search to locate your Purchase Order. To Print, go to the Available Actions drop-down → select the appropriate PO format → select the Print Fax version.

Why did I get a rejection?

Requisitions are rejected either because of technical reasons (missing fund source, no approver for your selected fund source) or an approver rejected your request for goods or services. In most cases, rejection information will be displayed on the History tab within the requisition.

Is it possible to expedite my Requisition/Purchase Order?

As a general rule, no. However, you can add comments to requisitions awaiting approval to alert approvers to the urgency of the request.

What if I have an emergency requisition?

Send an email to University Procurement Services: procure@finance.rutgers.edu

Can I cancel, close or re-open a Purchase Order?

Only University Procurement Services staff can close a PO, upon request by the department. Closed POs cannot be re-opened. If there is a need for continued purchasing activity with a supplier, a new PO will have to be requested and approved.

Can we split ship to different addresses?

Yes. Shipping details can be specified at either the Header or Line Item level.

Can I make a one-time shipment to an address that is not in the predefined list in the system?

Yes. You can create an ad hoc ship-to address using either the Quick Order or Goods Request forms in RU Marketplace.  There are some limitations to this function. Learn more here.

Can I add a new vendor without a W-9 and submit that information later?

No. A W9 is required for all US-based suppliers/payees and must be attached to the new supplier request form. A W8, or other supporting information, is required for foreign suppliers/payees.
Training Support: P2P0160 - Supplier Request (Training Video); Supplier Request Job Aide

Where can I find a listing of approved vendors (i.e. furniture or printing)?

First, look through the preferred vendors that have punchout capability. These can be found on the shopping home page. Next, use the search bar on the shopping page to look for a product across all of the registered suppliers in RU Marketplace.

Is there a minimum order in RU Marketplace?

No. But we encourage you to consider the likely shipping and handling charges placed on low dollar orders and proceed accordingly.

How do I save shopping carts?

Shopping carts are saved automatically and the information is retained even if you log off the RU Marketplace. You can manage your carts by selecting Shop → My Carts and Orders → View Draft Shopping Carts.
Training Support: P2P0120 – Managing Notification Preferences

Can a Shopper monitor Requisition and PO approvals for requisitions submitted by their Requestors?

Yes. Shoppers can view all information for requisitions that they initiate, provided the Requestor did not remove the Shopper from the "Prepared For" field on the requisition.

How do I split fund sources?  Can I do so by percentages?

Fund sources can be split by "amount of quantity" at the line item level only. You must access the Accounting tab and select the line you wish to split by clicking on the Edit icon for either the GL or Project string. Scrolling to the right displays an Add Split link.  Selecting that adds another distribution line. You must allocate the entire line item quantity before being able to save the changes.

When creating my approval hierarchy, if I leave the Fund Type blank, will the requisition still route according to the UDO only?


I’m having problems using the RU Marketplace link from Office 365. What do I do?

Please contact OIT for resolution.