FAQ - Reporting and Inquiries

Can you save a query for future use?

Yes, your OTBI queries can be saved.

Is it necessary to collapse the folders after you choose a value within a folder?

No, it is not necessary. Collapsing folders helps in viewing information on the screen.

Can you share a saved OTBI query with your team members?

Yes you can save and share OTBI queries.

Which report would be the closest to the Transaction Summary  reports we used  in the legacy systems?

Report RU GL072 Transaction Summary Report in the Financial Reporting Center is similar to the RIAS Source Summary (SS) report.

Can you take an existing report and modify it and save it as a new report?

Only the programmers can clone/modify the FRS or BI reports. OTBI queries can be modified and saved as new queries.

Which reporting method would you say is similar to Banner’s Controller’s Report Library (CRL)?

The OTBI queries are probably the most similar to the CRL reports. However FR and BI Publisher reports also may be used to retrieve data previously found in the CRL.

Where can we inquire on fund balances?

The Account Inspector  can be  used to inquire on fund balances which are in the net position accounts (ex. 90010).

Will all reports be available to everyone or will some reports be restricted?

Some reports built for specific purposes may be restricted to  certain users, such as the system maintenance reports, but there  are no report restrictions based on the Unit, Division and Organization (UDO).

Is there a separate reporting tool for the Projects Subledger?

Reports for the projects module are available in Business Intelligence Publisher and  the OTBI saved queries as well as the system dashboards.  Note that FRS does not  support projects  subledger reporting.

Does OTBI  have a group of reports similar to the ones currently found in Discoverer or the Controller’s Reports Library?

The legacy reports are not being replicated one to one.   The objective is to provide reporting solutions –  the Financial Management System provides a more robust functionality and we have an expanded and newly designed chart of accounts.

Is there payroll detail in the Financial Management System?

Payroll transactions  are summarized and posted to the financial management system. If you want to view payroll employee details, this information will reside in the PeopleSoft system and the Financial Data Warehouse including the Payroll Distribution Report and the Employee Status Report.

What is STAT currency?

STAT is a value option within the Currency dimension to be used with the budget scenario and specific account codes to report statistical information such as full time employees (FTEs). STAT values will also be used to replace REX functionality for forecasting. Units can create journals using the STAT currency to represent amounts associated with future “planned financial activities”. These STAT amounts will be available in some GL reports in the financial management system.

What does it mean when you say the Financial Management System is real time?

Transactions entered within the Oracle system should post within minutes - such as approved journal entries and cash receipts entries.  Transactions taking place outside of Oracle (such as Payroll, Procurement and Student) will not be reflected in the General ledger until the scheduled interfaces have successfully completed.

What is the difference between the “Entered” Debit/Credit and the “Accounted” Debit/Credit?

For our purposes there shouldn’t be any difference since we are using a single currency of USD for “Entered” and not performing any currency conversions for “Accounted”. The “Accounted” amounts should be used for analyses.

Will we be provided with guidelines or a manual?

 The recorded Financial Inquiries and Reports training session GL030  is available in the Cornerstone website and serves as  a reference document

Also, many reports and inquiries job aids and documented procedures can be found in the Cornerstone website or the Controller’s website (uco.rutgers.edu/reports).

The chart values have all changed from the legacy systems. Is there a report that can give us a "cheat sheet" of all the values and the descriptions?


For the General Ledger it is RU GL 003 – Chart of Accounts Segment Listing.

For the Project Subledger it is RU PJ 013 – COA Segment Listing

Both reports can be found in the Global Report folder.