FAQ - PeopleSoft Basics

How can users access PeopleSoft? Does PeopleSoft work only on the Rutgers network, or can it be accessed remotely?

PeopleSoft is a web-based system which can be accessed by any internet-enabled computer. Users can access the system remotely, and do not need to be on the Rutgers network to access PeopleSoft. The system works best in Internet Explorer, though it also works in other browsers (such as Safari for Mac users).

What happened to the data in Banner after Go-Live?

At Go-Live, current Calendar Year balances were transferred to the PeopleSoft system around wages, Paid Time Off balances, etc. Historical information will continue to be available in Banner for archival purposes moving forward. After Go-Live, all new transactions occur in PeopleSoft.

Do A-numbers remain the same in PeopleSoft?

A-Numbers do not remain the same in the new system. This is because the Employee ID field in PeopleSoft cannot support an alpha-numeric value. However, Employee IDs are not used as frequently in PeopleSoft as A-Numbers were used in Banner (you may not need to memorize this number).

Do Z-Org numbers remain the same in PeopleSoft, even for integrated units?

Yes, Z-Org numbers remain the same in the new system. After Go-Live, we will do an analysis to make sure the organization of integrated units makes business sense. At this time, the Z-Orgs of integrated units may be organized a little differently.

Did direct deposit information for employees come over to the new system?

Yes, direct deposit information came over in the conversion to PeopleSoft. It is still recommended to check your direct deposit information, as well as deductions, address information, emergency contacts, etc. in the new system. Any changes to this information can be made directly in employee self-service. Any changes to direct deposit information that are made by Tuesday morning of the pay week will be reflected on the Friday paycheck.