FAQ - Expense Management System

Once original receipts are uploaded into the expense tool, do we need to keep the originals?

The receipts are stored in the Cloud. It is up to your department to decide if they want their employees to keep the receipts.

Should we attach a conference agenda with an expense report for a conference?

Yes, a conference agenda is required and should always be uploaded.

Will the meal per diem rates be automatically calculated in the new expense system tool?

It is not automatically calculated due to the varying per diem rates.  Employees will still have to review the per diem chart to see what the per diem rate is for the city where they are visiting.

Once the expense is submitted through the system, is there notification sent to the preparer?

Email notifications are sent for each step of the approval process.

Will the preparer be able to track the process of an expense report to see where it is at in the approval process?

Yes, there is visibility to follow the process within the expense tool.

Once an employee enters their banking information into their profile for direct deposit, does anyone else have access to that information?

No. The information is masked from view for security reasons.