FAQ - Commitment Accounting – Combination Codes

 1.       Where do I find the combination codes for Commitment Accounting?

  • Navigate to my.rutgers.edu (alternative: navigate to cornerstone.rutgers.edu)
  • Select the Chart of Accounts Mapping Lookup Tool under the Cornerstone category in the My Apps tab
  • Fill in appropriate fields (Options: Legacy Fund or Fund Source, Legacy Index/Org, Legacy Account)
  • Select whether the COA Data Source is Legacy Banner or Legacy RIAS
  • Click Lookup

2.       What are the black numbers?

These numbers represent the new unit codes, new division codes, new organization codes, etc. These numbers should be used to look up the appropriate Commitment Accounting combination code in PeopleSoft.


3.       Should I use the full Combo Code that appears in the Chart of Accounts Mapping tool?

No. Do not use the Full Combo Code that appears in the mapping tool. Once you access PeopleSoft, enter the new Chart of Accounts numbers from the Chart of Accounts Mapping Lookup Tool into the Search by ChartFields section.


4.       How much information do I need to enter in the ChartFields section?

The more information you populate, the more targeted your search will be. Simply click Search then select the correct combination code.

screenshot of search criteria