FAQ - Approvers and Preparers

How were the Preparers and Approvers identified within the system?

Preparers and Approvers were identified through the Business Advisory Group members and School/Unit Representatives within each department. These leadership representatives identified the individuals who would be administering the PeopleSoft system on behalf of their departments.

What is the contact information to find out who is the designated Preparer and Approver is for our department?

Please send an email to hrpayroll_helpcenter.rutgers.edu.

Can the Preparer and Approver be the same person?

No. For audit reasons and separation of duties, the Preparer and Approver cannot be the same person.

Can an individual hold dual roles (Preparer and Approver) if it’s not for the same transaction?

Individuals may hold different roles for different modules in PeopleSoft, but not within the same module. For example, an individual might be a HCM Preparer and a Time Approver, but could not be both a Time Preparer and a Time Approver.

Can a Timekeeper enter his or her own time?

No. Timekeepers cannot enter their own time. If a department is concerned with having limited staff, one option might be for exempt employees to enter time for nonexempt employees in the department. Exempt employees do not have to enter hours worked in to the system.

What will happen if the Preparer or Approver is absent?

There will be designated back-ups within the system for both the Preparer and Approver roles, in either the department or within another department in the school. If the primary Preparer of Approver is out, the back-up Preparer or Approver will be able to take on their role.

Can a Timekeeper enter time for employees at any time?

Yes. Time can be entered at any time before the cutoff, which is Monday of the pay week at 5PM.