Emergency Payment Process for Vendors and Expense Reimbursements

UPDATE: December 19, 2016

The updated emergency payment process for vendors and expense reimbursements is below. While we are working to stabilize the system, this transitional process will ensure payments are expedited and more transparent to you, double payments are mitigated, and accurate reconciliations in the finance system.

To request an emergency payment

  • Complete and submit an emergency payment request form in RU Marketplace
    • Go to the “ Shared Forms” section
    • Select the “Emergency Check Request” form
    • Provide the required information and attachments, and submit the completed form

Submit one request per vendor. You may include multiple invoices for the vendor on one emergency payment request form.

If you are contacted by a vendor who is requesting immediate payment, please advise that we have an emergency process in place, and your unit will submit a request for expedited payment.

If you have any questions regarding the updated emergency payment process please contact Procurement Services at procure@finance.rutgers.edu.