Cornerstone Survey Results

In June 2017, we conducted a survey among Business Advisory and School Unit representatives, faculty and staff to gather feedback on your experiences and preferences regarding communications, managing change and training. Then, in August and September, we completed focus groups in Newark, New Brunswick and Camden in July and August.

The candid and constructive insights from more than 1300 participants have been invaluable and will drive ongoing improvements as we move forward with this implementation. We will continue to solicit feedback to make sure we establish a system that serves the needs of our community.

Based on the survey results and feedback received from the focus groups, project teams have started to develop action plans and implement changes to address areas of opportunity, including those that were shared in the Cornerstone one year anniversary update.

Key Findings from the Survey

Cornerstone Survey Infographic


Key Takeaways

  • Communications: More honest, consistent, targeted and timely updates. Improve organization of online information and resources.

  • Change Management: It was overwhelming to absorb this much change at once. Need grassroots and manager-level engagement.

  • Training: More relevant, hands-on (learning labs) sessions. Trainers who can apply information to Rutgers.

  • Help Desk and Support: More responsive help desk and support teams. More knowledgeable staff to provide consistent guidance and answers.

  • Business Processes: Provide “How to” guides, detailed instructions on business processes.

  • Faculty: Customized education modules, better access to accurate data and reporting tools to manage grant accounts.

  • Systems: Need better reporting tools (Oracle), make RU Marketplace less cumbersome and more intuitive.