Cornerstone Reporting Optimization (CRO)


The CRO Project is an integrated financial data and reporting platform that will support finance reporting and analytics across the entire organization, and will result in the creation of a Reporting Center of Excellence (COE) to meet the current and future finance reporting demands of the business community.  The CRO will allow us to integrate and harmonize data from multiple source systems and optimize information access to provide timely and accurate reporting to all levels within the organization (executive, management, analysts, operational, and other governing bodies) to gain insights into the business and to help make better decisions for improved outcomes.

  • Systems Scope: All source systems that provide financial and administrative information. The major source systems include Oracle Cloud (Ledger and Sub-ledger), HR, Payroll, SciQuest, RAPSS, Student Accounting (Legacy RU and Banner AR), Financial Aid, and Student Registration. 

  • Project Scope:  Gathering and analyzing data and report requirements, designing the solution, implementing the new reporting environment, and putting into operation a new Reporting Center of Excellence (COE) team for the ongoing enhancements, governance, and support of the CRO reporting platform. 

Project Objectives & Benefits


Project Phases & Timeline

CRO Analysis Phase: This phase focuses on assessing the current state of the Finance and Administration reporting environment and gathering reporting and analytic requirements from key reporting stakeholders throughout Rutgers.


January 2018 – May 2018

Major Activities:




  • Strategy/Approach
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Current State Assessment
  • Report Requirements Workshops
  • Gap Analysis
  • Data Quality Assessment


  • Future State Solution Design
  • Roadmap
  • Implementation Plan

CRO Implementation Phase: This phase will focus on the design and implementation of the new CRO Reporting environment as well as organizing, staffing, and operationalizing the CRO Reporting Center of Excellence (COE).


Design and development to begin June 2018







A Rapid Application Development methodology will be used to implement the CRO environment. The Rapid Application Development methodology offers:

  • An iterative approach to design, build, and deliver reporting applications in frequent release cycles
  • Use of rapid report prototyping that enables early and frequent user feedback for report changes or refinements that are better aligned to requirements
  • Multiple release cycles demonstrate measurable progress during the implementation phase of the CRO project and will enable a smoother and earlier transition to the CRO Reporting COE team


Core components required to stand up the CRO Reporting COE include:

  • Organization Model
  • Governance Model
  • Support Model
  • Staffing Model
  • Transition Planning
  • COE Activation Plan