Check Request Guidance for "Supplier Invoice #" Field

Check requests are used to request payment for certain expenses that do not require the involvement of a purchasing agent. You can generate a check request in RU Marketplace and must submit an explanation of all charges and supply supporting documentation. To find examples of when to use a check request, please visit the check request matrix on the University Procurement Services website.

  • Know whether to request a purchase order or a check for the good or service 
  • Get needed department approvals
  • Submit required supporting documents electronically with your check request under “Internal Attachments”

Check Request Invoice Numbering Tips

  • What you should include in the “Supplier Inv #" field
    • Create a supplier invoice number that is unique.  The system will not allow the usage of the exact same invoice number for the same vendor more than once.
    • Enter something that enables the person receiving the check to be able to identify what the check is for. Do not use N/A, registration, payment, etc., as the “”Supplier Invoice #” as the vendor will not know what the check is for.
    • Paying dues (example)
      • Timothy Miller – 2017
        Invoice 289405
    • Utility bills (example)
      • use the account number followed by month/year, for example: 30214922-01/17
      • use invoice number if available
    • Honoraria or interview reimbursement
      • Use invoice number if available
      • Use date of service, for example 12/08/2016. 
    • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
      • Name of person who the check is applicable for.  For example, William Moore.  (Last name is more important than the first)