Changing How We Work at Rutgers

Cornerstone implements sweeping changes in our business processes across all units at Rutgers University. Here is a sample of the key process changes:

financia mgmt sidebar icin Icon to represent Human Resources and Payroll Icon to represent Procurement and Expense Management

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We're changing how we: We're changing how we: We're changing how we: We're changing how we:

Use a sub-ledger to manage projects

Process HR transactions for faculty and staff

Process check requests

Use a new chart of accounts consistently across the University

Manage financial approvals

Enter and approve time

Submit, approve and manage expense reports

Run reports for financials, projects and grants
*Report Definitions
  Perform commitment accounting
Route requisitions, journal entries, employee expense reports, and project adjustments  for approval 

Run a report from the Financial Reporting Center

    Create receipts when required Manage business process changes for: financial management, human resources and payroll, expense management, and reporting
    Deliver quick orders to suppliers  

How to help employees adopt the changes.

  • Communication: Reinforce the need and urgency to adopt and embrace the new processes and systems. Identify the various stakeholders in your unit and target communications.
  • Training: Make sure employees are attending andcompleting web-based training for their new roles 
  • Business Processes: Reevaluate the business processes in your unit to streamline and align with new tools and processes.

For additional support and help in driving change in your organization, please contact us.