Changes to Accounts Payable Invoice Processing Procedures

Dear Colleagues –

In support of the University’s efforts to streamline and automate business processes, University Procurement Services will change Accounts Payable invoice processing procedures as follows: 

Effective February 1, 2018:

  • All invoices must be submitted by email to accountspayable@finance.rutgers.eduInvoices that are submitted by mail, including inter-office mail, will not be accepted for payment.

  • All invoices must reference a valid Rutgers purchase order (PO) number. Invoices that are submitted without a valid PO number will not be accepted for payment.

    These changes will be communicated to all active suppliers. We ask that you reinforce these practices with your suppliers. 



    Nimish Patel

    Associate Vice President – Procurement, and Chief Procurement Officer

               University Finance and Administration