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10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … Updated travel and expense management process set to launch 7/1

Like the crew at Kennedy Space Center counting “T minus …” to a launch, the Travel and Expense Management project team is carefully preparing for the July 1 go-live date for Concur expense management, the new travel and expense management system.  

A big part of that preparation is finalizing the approach to training and educating the Rutgers community on how to use the new system.   

“We’ve completed all the testing, including the responsiveness of the single-sign-on function, and our focus now is making sure everyone is aligned and ready to go. Whatever we can do in advance, we’re doing,” says Mark Eseppi, the project manager overseeing the Travel and Expense Management initiative.   

The new expense management process through Concur will improve the handling of travel, expense, and university purchasing card transactions; better manage spending and expenses that need pre-approval; and strengthen enforcement of university policies while reducing risk.   

Note: The new process will not be changing Rutgers’ current travel program, which has been in place for two years. The travel program is merely being integrated into the Expense Management program.  

The system will boast a list of new features, including streamlined processes for per-diem, personal car mileage reimbursements, cash advance requests for those who do not have access to Rutgers’ two types of purchasing cards, a credit card management system designed to simplify booking and reporting, and a built-in request for pre-trip approval. And it will be mobile-friendly for those wishing to complete expense management tasks on the go. 


Pre- and Post-Launch Training 

To help the Rutgers community adapt to the new system, Rutgers will offer live training via Zoom from June 25 through July 12 (click here to register) and open office hours from July 2 through October 3 (click here for the schedule).  

The training sessions, which will require advance registration, will cover nine specific topics—some offered multiple times for convenience—tailored to the needs of all Rutgers’ users, as well as to the specific responsibilities of delegates and approvers. Rutgers community members can sign up for training to learn about the new system, how to get started via the web or mobile app, and how to manage expenses and credit cards.  

Each Zoom session will be recorded, and one version of each session will be posted to the travel and expense management website for future reference. 

Office hours will be available for anyone in the Rutgers community who is seeking some help with the new system. No registration is required for these pop-in sessions; attendees can join any time during the scheduled office hours. There will also be opportunities for one-on-one discussion during office hours for those who need more individualized assistance.  

If you’d like more information, including a list of resources and videos on the updated travel and expense management process, go to University Procurement Services’ Booking Travel page. You may also send any questions to