Tips to Help You Learn the Systems

Budget Planning and Forecasting

Financial Management

  • Read this guide on how to inquire on detailed account balances
  • Follow these instructions to find your Finance Approver in the financial management system
  • Search for journal entries you create
  • Print a copy of your journal entry
  • Cash receipt journal templates are on the Controllers website
  • Use the Account Inspector tool to inquire on fund balances that are in net position accounts
  • All expenditures have to occur within the grant period indicated by the sponsor
  • Requests for new sponsored projects must be coordinated with RAPSS
  • Install the integration tool and troubleshoot issues with the journal excel spreadsheet
  • To set-up a cash advance without a project string, the cash advance will be charged to a clearing account that will reverse when the expense report is created. The project string must be attached to each expense type in the report.

Human Resources and Payroll

  • All absences should be recorded in Absence Reporting, not on a timesheet
  • All absences should be recorded as soon as they are approved
  • Sick time must be reported within the two-week pay cycle, as it impacts overtime pay
  • To find the time entry preparer and/or approver in your department, contact your unit's HR/Payroll Business Advisory Group member
  • View your pay stub through self-service starting the Wednesday of a pay week

RU Marketplace

  • Read this guide on how to determine the payment status of an invoice
  • There is no minimum order in RU Marketplace, but consider the shipping and handling charges placed on low-dollar orders
  • To manage your RU Marketplace profile, go to the home page, drop down next to your name and view My Profile
  • To view what has been paid for a blanket order, select the “Invoice” tab on the purchase order record

Expense Management

  • For expense reimbursement for conferences, a conference agenda is required and should be uploaded with the expense report
  • To receive direct deposit for reimbursements, a one-time set-up (entering your bank information) is required
  • If there are people who routinely enter expense reports on your behalf, you must establish delegates in the system (refer to "Enter and Submit Expense Report" training).

Reporting and Analytics