Reporting and Analytics

Several reporting tools are available in the financial management system, including:

  • Financial Reporting Center includes reports that based on general ledger balances; allows for the expansion of chart of accounts hierarchy values and drilldown to details
  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) is designed for users who want to generate custom queries
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher reports are highly formatted and based on transactional data
  • Account Inspector reports are based on real-time general ledger balances and allows users to view and analyze, or pivot data

Alternate Reports and Queries for Report #031 (Feb. 22. 2017)

We recently removed Report #031 (Sponsored Project Summary – Budget, Actual, Encumbrances & Balances) from BI Publisher because it was providing inaccurate balance information for sponsored and non-sponsored projects. We are fixing Report #031, which will be modified to run for sponsored projects only. We also are developing a separate Report, #060, for non-sponsored project reporting. We will send an update when Reports #031 and #060 are available.

Read more on alternate reports and queries for Report #031.

Key resources

Additional resources and job aids are available on the University Controller's Office.