Financial Management

Comprehensive, Streamlined Financial Accounting

FM launch image

Our integrated financial accounting platform has robust analytics capabilities to support more strategic decision-making and better reporting. The new chart of accounts and integrated system will be the single source for all finance-related information at Rutgers. The new system will support financial management needs for all University schools, departments, and units as they relate to the:

  • general ledger
  • sponsored grants and contracts
  • non-sponsored projects (restricted funds, designated funds, real projects)
  • expense reimbursement
  • cash management
  • accounts receivable and billing for grants and contracts

To access the system,

  1. Log in to myRutgers portal (, using your NetID and password.
  2. Click the Cornerstone tab.
  3. Open the Financial Management (Oracle Cloud) app.

What This Means for You

  • Automated business processes to improve operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness
  • A phased reporting and analytics strategy with integrated data to enable real-time business intelligence
  • Receivables activity that is accurately captured and reflected in the financial results
  • The ability to completely track grants and funded projects from inception to final reporting
  • Key metrics to provide an instant snapshot of a project’s performance

Frequently Asked Questions